• Are you able to take well informed decisions about your new venture

  • Do you know market segments of your new business to define your business strategy

  • Do you know key to success for your new business

  • Do you know challenges of your new business and how shall you address them

  • Do you know when and how the new business is likely to make money

About Us

Viable Venture is a business planning firm. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs take well informed decisions about their startups and new ventures. All entrepreneurs are interested to build a successful business and be able to raise investments at some stage. A successful business is nothing but alignment of its following building blocks –  

Business Model 

Higher the clarity and alignment in these building blocks, higher is likelihood of speed of growth and improved business results. Even the reverse is equally true. Wherever alignment is out in these building blocks, two things may happen simultaneously. One, loss of precious resource and second loss of opportunity.

Based on our sector neutral business planning expertise, we help validate & generate Business Models and put together Business Plans for growth and raising investments including carrying out business valuations for raising investments. We have successfully completed assignments across Sectors in 17 countries, of varying complexity for our Indian and overseas clients for many years.


How are we different

  • We do not just compile We don’t just compile numbers to develop a plan.  We validate each assumption to develop a credible plan shall be acceptable to investors as well
  • Our plans act as roadmap of growth for a business rather than creating a plan booklet which is only used to pitch to investors
  • Our plans can be used to monitor progress of your business on month to month basis
  • Our plans answer curious questions like
    • How much money is needed before you can raise investments
    • When shall be I ready to pitch to an investor
    • Are we going in right direction
    • Many more… 
  • Our plans also act as decision support system  for key business decisions
  • Our plans can be used to  establish effective performance tracking  of your teams