• Are you able to take well informed decisions about your new venture

  • Do you know market segments of your new business to define your business strategy

  • Do you know key to success for your new business

  • Do you know challenges of your new business and how shall you address them

  • Do you know when and how the new business is likely to make money

Business Model

Bounce 360 is a business model validation service for startups. It is beneficial at any stage of a business, starting from exploration stage to assessing viability to growth or to attract investments. It validates your business model and for this purpose analyzes key building blocks of the business. The result is identification of few non-negotiable (really critical) changes required in the startup to help you achieve your startup dream. Delivered within two weeks’ time, Bounce360 helps you take well informed decision about your startup and also addresses following curious questions of startup –


  • Is your start up idea viable for building a business
  • Is there any critical gap in your start up dream
  • What is critical for success in your startup business
  • Are you on right track
  • Can your startup attract investors


For Whom

  • Professionals planning a Startup
  • Startups exploring to approach investors
  • Startups not sure of way forward


Bounce360 helps you take well informed decision about your new Business Idea. Bounce360 assesses the start up idea by assessing following key elements of the business model;

Promoter's objective
▸Promoters background
▸Risk taking ability

Market Segments
▸Target market segments
▸Demand & supply scenario
▸Market risks

Value Propositions
▸Offerings – range, price, quality, designs
▸Customer problems and needs

Customer Relations
▸Communication of value propositions to customers at touch points

Sales Channel
▸Channel of sales & distribution

Key resources
▸Key resource requirements & its availability

Key activities
▸Key Activities for sales generation
▸Key Activities for delivery arrangements

Key partners
▸Key partners and their motivators for relationship with our business

Key Measures
▸How to measure your progress

Revenue stream
▸Revenue streams

Cost structure
▸Business cost driven or value driven
▸Key costs

Business Policies
▸Policies critical to retain stakeholders interest


Time Taken

Generally we take two weeks or more depending upon the complexity of business


Bounce 360 Deliverables

A Brief report containing assessment of building blocks and identification of non-negotiable changes needed in the business from the perspective of achieving business objective. 


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